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Terra R

Introducing TERRA, the lowest pool enclosure from Alukov’s product range. Designed to seamlessly blend with the ground level, TERRA offers a near-invisible solution for your pool enclosure needs while providing all the benefits of a visible pool enclosure.

When closed, TERRA allows you to enjoy an unobstructed view of your garden and swimming pool, creating a harmonious connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces. When opened, it transforms into a discreet, space-efficient enclosure that complements modern home architecture.

TERRA is designed for those who value aesthetics and functionality. If you’re looking for an almost invisible enclosure that still offers the benefits of a visible pool enclosure – such as protection against debris, regulation of water temperature, and prevention of accidental falls into the pool – TERRA is the perfect choice.

One of the key features of TERRA is its one-rail system. This innovative design provides barrier-free access from three sides of the swimming pool. It’s not only space-savvy but also easy to maintain. Opening or closing the enclosure is a breeze, even with just one rail.

Like all Alukov pool enclosures, TERRA upholds the highest safety standards. Each enclosure is custom-made for every pool, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal protection. You can expect the same high-quality standards from TERRA.

In conclusion, TERRA is more than just a pool enclosure. It’s a sophisticated solution that puts you in control of your pool environment. Let TERRA blend in with your garden and enhance your outdoor living experience. With TERRA, you can truly have the best of both worlds.

Key Benefits

  • Utilisation
    Stay warm and enjoy your pool all year-round. Most low enclosures have enough clearance to let you swim inside while semi-open or even closed. They are fully retractable, so you can continue to enjoy an outdoor pool when the weather permits.
  • Reduce Maintenance & cost
    Control your pool experience & reduce maintenance! Keep leaves, dust, debris & wildlife out of your pool – Clean less, swim more. Reduce running costs, evaporation and chemical loss, increase heating efficiency.
  • Safety
    Fully lockable so you control access to keep kids and pets out. The safest possible swimming pool!
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