Discover the benefits of pool enclosures

“My pool is always crystal clear, I don’t have to worry about my pool when I go away, and best of all I can swim with my family comfortably any day of the year!”

Craig, Glen Iris.

Benefits Tailored to You

Achieve your Pool & Outdoor area goals

Discover why our retractable pool, spa or terrace enclosures are the number one ancillary product in the pool industry and how we can significantly improve your home and lifestyle. Here are the key reason why our clients love their enclosures so much.

Swim & Entertain All Year Round!

Make the most of your pool, terrace or spa in any season of the year. Unlike an outdoor pool or terrace area, you can enjoy your pool more of the time, in more comfort – when the weather permits, simply retract the enclosure to enjoy an outdoor pool. An enclosure will naturally heat the pool by over ten degrees!

With the use of pool heating, you can realistically use your pool any day of year, or extend your season to nine months of the at the very least if you’re not keen to swim in the coldest three months of the year. Gain to most value from your pool and enclosure investment. 

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Next to No Pool Cleaning! Swim More, Clean Less!

We’re constantly counselling existing pool owners due to one of the biggest issues pool owners face – The hours spent cleaning leaves and debris, multiple days of the week, or prior to swimming. Keep leaves and debris out in first place – swim more, clean less! Cut the cleaning and enjoy your pool experience, hassle free.

Reduce Heating Costs, Chemical Use & Water Evaporation

Enclosing your pool will reduce energy costs by cutting down on your pool heating and filtration usage, not to mention significantly reducing water evaporation and chemical loss. Our pool, spa and lean-to enclosures will also increase water temperature by up to 10-15 degrees through natural sunlight. This leads to a pool that is far more sustainable, while being easier and cheaper to run and manage.

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Let us help you create the safest possible pool for you and your family. Achieve absolute peace of mind, knowing that you can securely lock your enclosure if need be, and control access with a key.

A pool enclosure is much safer than relying on a pool fence alone, as it encloses the entire pool – Ultimate security and the safest possible pool.

UV Protection

In Australia we love summer and sunshine, but we also experience some of the highest UV levels in the world – it is important to ensure that you and your family are protected. The polycarbonate used in our enclosures provides the highest level of UVA/B protection available, cutting out 98-99% of harmful UV rays.

While we encourage you to wear sunscreen, you will have the added protection under your enclosure – you can also have tinted polycarbonate to provide extra shade in summer, and segments can be slid and placed over the area of the pool that you’re enjoying to provide ultimate protection and comfort. 

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Fully Customisable

We have the largest range of options available anywhere, when it comes to the colour, shape and style of our enclosures. From the aluminium profile colour, to the polycarbonate type, colour and configuration, as well as optional motorised systems available. Our highly diligent team will assist you in determining the best solution and options for your needs and project.

We don’t do a one-size-fits all approach or a low quality product, as that usually ends in dissatisfaction, poor functionality and a short product life-span, and that is to be avoided. All of our products are made in Europe to highest standards, and our products have the longest history of success in the most markets globally.

Our aim is find the right balance between functionality, aesthetic and cost, and our team are dedicated to achieving this for you.