Pool Enclosure Features & Customisations

Discover the customisation that make our enclosures so special. The perfect enclosure regardless of your requirements.

The most customisable, retractable pool, spa, lean-to & terrace enclosures world-wide.

All materials are of the highest quality available, from European manufactured polycarbonate with a 15 year warranty, to European manufactured aluminium, primarily from Sweden. All of our enclosures are made in Europe to the highest ISO 9001 and CE standards.

We have the largest range of designs, models and options, including many different features and functionalities to ensure the most functional enclosure no matter what your requirements.

Polycarbonate Options

TPEC retractable enclosures feature only the highest quality European manufactured Polycarbonate. It is incredibly strong, durable, and flexible and includes a 15 year warranty. Hail and falling debris is no problem for our polycarbonate, and neither are the kids pool-toys or flying sporting equipment. All polycarbonate options include the highest level of UV A/B protection to reduce the risk of sunburn and skin-cancer.

Strong Durable Icon

Incredibly strong, durable, and flexible

Withstand Hail and falling debris impact

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UV Protection Icon

Highest level of UV A/B protection

Reduce the risk of sunburn and skin-cancer.

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Pool enclosure features a sliding door on one side

Polycarbonate Colour Options

Polycarbonate options include clear-compact (glass effect), twin-wall or quad-wall configuration, with colours including clear, smoked tint, blue, or frosted, and the options to combine different materials in certain areas of your enclosure. There are options to provide optimal natural heating of the pool, insulation, glare reduction, or privacy, or a combination of all.

Clear Polycarbonate

Clear-compact polycarbonate (glass-look)

Compact Polycarbonate Tinted

Smoked-compact polycarbonate

Frosted Polycarbonate

Frosted compact polycarbonate

Twin Wall Polycarbonate

Translucent twin-wall

Twon Wall Polycarbonate Tinted

Smoked twin-wall

Twin Wall Polycarbonate Blue Tint

Light blue twin-wall

Aluminium Colour Options

Our retractable pool, spa and terrace enclosures are available in a range of different Aluminium Profiles & Colour Options, to ensure that your enclose matches the your site and meets your requirements. See our standard colours below.

IMG 5148 scaled





Antique Brown

Frame colour wood

Wooden Look

Profile Options

The width requirements, height and model of your enclosure design will determine which thickness of profile is required – a thicker profile design is required for wider or higher enclosures with an angular design.

Progress Profile

Our Progress Profile is utilised on wider enclosures and select angular enclosures. It is the most advanced profile for residential enclosures, and incredibly strong.

Progress Profile 1

Comfort Profile

This profile is our most commonly used slim-line profile, and is utilised for low to medium enclosures up to a width limit depending on model. Aesthetically pleasing, durable and strong.

Comfort Profile

Neo-line Profile

The NEO line profile is our most modern profile, featuring a super aesthetic rounded off profile, integrated waist height lift up pin latches and advanced passive ventilation as standard. A super premium option and customer favourite.

Neo Profile

Doors & Windows

Each enclosure can feature a range of different door and window options depending on the height, shape and type of enclosure, as well as the layout of your site and how you approach the enclosure, or enter the pool.

All of our enclosures are custom designed to suit your needs and requirements, so we’ll ensure your enclosure has adequate and easy usage, entry and ventilation. Windows can feature fly-wire, and all doors and windows are lockable!

IMG 8751 s scaled
Pool Enclosure with a window vent

Ventilating Window

Pool Enclosure With A Sliding Door

Hinged Window

Pool Enclosure With Lateral Sliding Door

Lateral Sliding Door

Pool Enclosure With Double Sliding Doors

Double Sliding Door

Pool Enclosure With Lift Up End

Lift up Flap

Hinged Door

Track systems

All of our retractable pool, spa and terrace enclosures feature a patented ultra-low walk-on track system made of soft-feel anodised aluminium. The tracks are not a tripping hazard and there are no sharp edges or corners – the lowest track system available anywhere! Track width is dependent on enclosure configuration and number of segments.

track picture

Anodized Track
Low-profile – 14mm. Walk-on comfort.  


Bronze Anodized Track
Low-profile – 14mm. Walk-on comfort. 


Flush Laid
In certain applications, tracks can be laid flush with paving. Usually tracks sit on surface.


Locking systems

All enclosures are fully lockable to secure against unauthorised access, and to keep children and pets out. Ensure you have the safest possible pool.

The safest pool going around!

We are all about safety. As a result, we provide a myriad of different locking options to ensure ultimate safety for your family, while all enclosures are secured against high wind, bad weather and storms.

Lockable handle
On curved model.

Lockable handle
On angular model.

Face pin to secure against wind
Ensures safety and peace of mind in all conditions.

Lockable Lever handle
Hinged door application.

Lift up pin
Strong and durable to secure segments against movement in wind.

Lockable lift up pin
For added safety and peace of mind.

Face Pin
To secure and stabilise the end faces in all wind conditions.

Motorised Systems

All enclosure have the option to be supplied with solar-powered electric motor systems. While most enclosures are manually operated, you do have the option of automation. Open your enclosure with the supplied remote control – ease of use at its best. Powered by solar panels and integrated batteries, two motors move the leading segment in effortlessly opening your enclosure or roof to the desired position. A rain sensor, inner thermostat and twilight dimmer are also options.

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Solar Powered
No wiring required.


Weather proof
Rain and weather-proof.


Remote operation
Enjoy an outdoor pool at the touch of a button, at your leisure.

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