Enclosure Range

The Largest Range of Swimming Pool Enclosure Models

I recommend TPEC enclosures to anyone and everyone who has a pool!

Gina, Daylesford.


Enclosure Range

Something For Everyone

We believe in giving you the freedom to choose the perfect enclosure and pool experience that fits your needs. You can select from a variety of options, including low, medium, or high enclosures, a lean-to terrace enclosure, or a retractable roof.

We offer the widest selection of top-quality custom enclosures anywhere, with designs that can be curved, angular, or a mix of both.

Every project we undertake balances functionality, aesthetics, and quality. You can count on our products for reliability and safety, giving you peace of mind as standard!

A range of sizes

Enclosures are available in all shapes & sizes, customised for you. Below is an indicative size chart for guidance.

  • Low
    0.5 m – 1.3 m
  • Medium
    1.3 m – 2.3 m
  • High
    2.3 m – 3.0 m+
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Our Pool Enclosure Range

You have the option to select from low, medium, high, lean-to enclosures, or a retractable roof for your pool, spa, or terrace. To learn more, simply pick a category from our range of enclosures below, and then choose the model you’re interested in.

What to expect from your pool enclosure

Our enclosures are designed to be a hassle free means of providing year-round pool usage, while reducing maintenance and running costs. Increasing your swimming season, and keeping leaves and debris out of your pool are priceless benefits, as is ensuring your have the safest possible pool to protect your family. 

Why invest in a swimming pool if you simply can’t use it more than a few weeks of the year, or without cleaning it constantly? An enclosure will solve those common problems that pool owners face everyday, and justify the significant investment and commitment that is a swimming pool. Our pool enclosures are the number-one value-add in the pool industry, and are amongst the most awarded products in the industry. Don’t build a pool without first seriously considering a pool enclosure, it could be the best money you ever spend on your property and will justify investing in a pool in the first place – just take it from our clients!

a low-height retractable telescopic pool enclosure over a swimming pool at sunset

Swim all year round

“It has been so great for the kids to be able to swim in winter and enjoy the pool more without getting cold, and we love the lack of pool cleaning!”

John, Wollongong


Enclosure FAQs

Can I swim year-round?

Yes absolutely! With the use of heating along with the enclosure, you and your family can have a comfortable space to swim in all conditions, safely, comfortably and out of the elements. A basic pool cover is also useful in winter in colder or regional areas. An enclosure will naturally heat the pool by over ten degrees in most settings.

Do you service city and regional areas?

Yes – we do most of our work in major cities and towns, although we complete many projects in regional and remote areas, and have a very developed process for delivering regional projects efficiently and cost effectively for our customers. From Brisbane to Sydney to Tassie, Melbourne to Adelaide to Perth, and everywhere in between we’ve got you covered!

What heating do you recommend and will an enclosure retain heat?

Whilst we are not experts in pool heating, most of our customers are investing in heat pumps, and in metro areas, gas heaters, but do seek advice from suppliers of heating systems. Our enclosures work in tandem with heating systems, and will also make heating your pool far more efficient, sustainable and cheaper to run!

How much does it cost to build a pool enclosure in Australia?

Pool enclosures in Australia can vary in cost depending on many factors, like the pool’s size, the enclosure type and whether the enclosure will be customised. Most customers in metro areas spend between $25,000 to $100,000 fully installed.

It is possible to spend more on a larger or commercial enclosure, or when enclosing larger pools. Our customers choose TPEC Pool Enclosures for the customisation, quality and peace of mind we deliver and are dedicated to.

Quality is paramount in the pool industry, especially when it comes to enclosing a pool. It’s very much a case of ‘you get what you pay for’, which means quality lasts and will look after you long-term! The pool environment is very harsh, and can damage cheaply made products very quickly, whether that’s your pool equipment, cover, enclosure or other equipment.

We provide customised European made products of the highest quality, that will cost you once and have little to no ongoing maintenance or expense, just occasional cleaning with a high-pressure hose.

In most cases, an enclosure does not require expensive dehumidification/air-handling, as our enclosures are designed to withstand the rigours of the pool environment, unlike a fixed structure/indoor structure. Our enclosures look after you long term, so it is important not to cut corners even if it is tempting to choose a cheap low quality option – it simply isn’t worth it and will cause problems later, whereas our enclosures are free from repair or maintenance headaches. A well made enclosure also provides the safest solution in high-wind areas, and will withstand severe hail storms. Our enclosures feature the highest grades of European aluminium and polycarbonate, whilst being designed, manufactured and installed by the most experienced team.

We are also part of the largest and most experienced network of enclosure providers world-wide – the IPC Team, resulting in the highest quality, depth of knowledge, R&D and reliability, tested in the widest range of conditions globally for almost 30 years. You can be certain you’re making a confident decision, without compromise!

What are the different types of pool enclosures?

TPEC Pool Enclosures currently offers 40 types of pool enclosures across three sizes — low, medium and high.

Our enclosures come in various sizes and shapes. TPEC Pool Enclosures also provide retractable roofs and lean-to terraces — we also offer commercial pool enclosures for public pools and spas.

Are pool enclosures worth it?

Absolutely. Some of the benefits of installing a pool enclosure include:

Less cleaning
Reduced heating costs, chemical use and water evaporation
Ability to swim all year round
UV protection
Increased child safety, as you can lock the enclosure

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How to choose the right pool enclosure for your home

The Design and Shape

Before investing in a retractable pool enclosure, it’s important to consider the shape and location of your pool, as this will dictate how you cover it. A square pool will require a different enclosure than an irregular-shaped pool, so before beginning your search, keep this in mind.


When choosing a pool enclosure, safety is a top priority. If you have small children or pets who can’t swim, you’ll want to select a design that’s fully lockable from the outside. Unlike a fence, children can’t climb over a sturdy pool enclosure, meaning they’ll be out of harm’s way — even when you’re not watching them closely.

Pool Cleaning

If your pool is filled with leaves, twigs or dead bugs from surrounding bushland regularly, consider investing in a pool enclosure that covers and protects the entire area so it’s easier to maintain and ready for you to enjoy.

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    If you’re ready to enjoy the luxury of swimming all year round, investing in a retractable enclosure will ensure you get the most out of your pool while increasing the value of your property. Whether you need a retractable pool, spa or terrace enclosure or a custom-made design, discuss your requirements with the team at TPEC Pool Enclosures, and we’ll provide you with expert guidance and a competitive installation quote. We look forward to hearing from you.