Increase usage & revenue, while delivering significant return on investment.

I recommend TPEC Pool Enclosures to any savvy commercial or local-government pool operator  – it will transform your business!

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We work with swim schools, local-government facilities, disability & aged-care service providers, holiday parks and a range of businesses within the wider hotel and hospitality industry in providing industry leading results.

We are driven by our clients success!

Whether you are a single teacher owner-operated swim-school, commercial learn-to-swim operator, local government facility, hydrotherapy / disability provider, or in the hotel, hospitality or aged-care sector, we have a solution to suit you. We cover everything from small hydrotherapy spas/pools, right up to large span public facility lap-swimming pools, utilising our advanced industry-leading European technology.

We achieve this by way of retractable free-standing enclosures, lean-to / terrace enclosures or retractable roofs. Of primary concern for our commercial clients is the lost revenue and poor sustainability of their outdoor pools, as well poor  ROI from their facility – engaging TPEC will result in a pool that is more cost effective, far more sustainable and easier to keep clean, while increasing revenue and ROI.

Most commercial projects are completed in 5-10 days on-site – an easier, more sustainable and cost-effective build/install process compared to traditional permanent structures. We provide the largest range of ultra high-quality customised enclosures anywhere, including curved & angular design aesthetics, or a combination of both. Functionality, ROI, aesthetics & quality go hand in hand on every project.

Maximise Usage and Business Revenue, Reduce Maintenance & Running Costs. A Modern, Functional Solution:

Our customers come to us to achieve a highly customised, high-quality customer centric solutions to deliver results for all stake-holders, and ultimately the end users. The path to designing, facilitating and delivering a successful project can seem daunting for small business owners and government facility-managers alike – Allow our experienced team and world-class quality to provide a much simpler solution and peerless result. 

We frequently consult with designers, architects, builders, engineers, facilities-managers, key stakeholders and senior management during the initial consultation,  to design process, and through to delivery. Only the highest quality materials are used, and comply with the strictest industry standards worldwide. We design, run and insure all of our projects, end to end. Make a confident decision!

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Local Government

Experience working with numerous LGA’s, we have a specialist design team to assist with your specific needs. A pool enclosure reduces maintenance and running costs of pool facilities. The increased amenity for users increases utilization in all-seasons, and provides added safety and security so access can be managed more effectively. Deliver year-round revenue, enjoyment and ROI. We can deliver a value driven commercial solution for your facility!

Swim Schools

Swim schools of all sizes can benefit from a retractable pool enclosure. Pool enclosures for swim schools provide a comfortable environment year-round for students and instructors. Help your business to grow and operate consistently in all weather conditions. Get the results you need no matter how big or small your business goals are! We believe learning to swim is the gift that keeps on giving, and is critical that all kids have the opportunity to learn to swim!

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Hydrotherapy / Disability Sector

“Enclosures for All Abilities!”

We believe that everyone should be able to experience the benefits of swimming, no matter what their level of ability is. Whether you have chronic back pain, require recovery / rehabilitation or need full wheel-chair access, ramp and hoist space, we have the experience to help you. Custom designs enable optimum accessibility to enable space for hoists, lifts and other accessibility equipment. The higher water temperature of a hydrotherapy pool is more easily maintained, whilst the air temperature within an enclosure makes time by the pool more comfortable for carer’s, therapists and family members alike.

Please don’t hesitate to discuss your requirements with us no matter how tricky you think they might be, we’ll do our utmost!

Hospitality / Restaurants

Expand your seating capacity/bums on seats, in a versatile indoor or outdoor setup with our retractable free-standing, lean-too/terrace or retractable roof options. The sky is the limit when it comes to commercial applications. Create a a destination guests gravitate towards and increase ROI. 

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Retirement/Aged Care

Increase usage warmth, comfort and safety. Enjoyable swimming, ideal for recreational and group activities, protected from UV and weather. Very easy to open and close by one or two staff members, and full accessibility provisions can be catered for during the design process, whether that includes, handrails, hoist, full entry ramp space, we can accommodate it. Give your facility the competitive advantage by having the best of both worlds – an indoor and outdoor pool!

Strata / Apartment buildings

Provide increased usage, enjoyment and amenity for building residents, year-round, while driving down hassles, safety issues, maintenance and costs for strata managers and body-corporates alike. This is the ultimate solution for a new or existing strata/apartment complex swimming pool. Contact us today to find out how we can help you manage your pool more effectively and transform your swimming pool. 

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Hotels, Resorts & Holiday Parks

Increase enjoyment, comfort and ease of use for your guests, while giving your business the competitive edge to attract additional guests – become a destination year-round, while still being able to enjoy an outdoor pool in warmer months. Drive down maintenance and running costs, increase safety, security and usage with a retractable pool enclosure solution.

Retractable Roofs – Residential & Commercial Application

We provide a range of high quality, durable, safe and stylish retractable roof options that are fully automated by use of solar powered European motors. Whether you are building a high-end home, replacing an ageing fixed or moving glass roof at a hotel, or designing something new, we have a solution for you. 

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